Dumbbells Only Home Workout (Full-Body)

Dumbbells Only Home Workout (Full-Body)

needs a solid daily workout routine with only dumbbell exercises? that’s exactly what this blog is for

While it’s great to possess the camaraderie and competitive components of a gym you’ll still gain serious muscles and hone a leaner more defined body right in your house

Dumbbells Only Home Workout (Full-Body)

Sure body workouts are awesome but incorporating some dumbbells will absolutely take things up to a gym level sort of workout

The subsequent six dumbbell exercises like dumbbell lunge dumbbell deadlift and lots of more are going to be discussed more during this blog so keep reading

1.Dumbbell Lunge

Dumbbells Only Home Workout (Full-Body)


  • With dumbbells at your side and your palms facing your body stand upright
  • Use your right leg to lunge forward as far as you’ll
  • Then bend your trailing knee so it almost reaches the floor
  • Finally, push your upper body back to the starting position using your right foot’s heel
  • repeat with the opposite leg
  • 3 sets 10 reps

2.Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deadlift

Dumbbells Only Home Workout (Full-Body)

  • Grab a dumbbell on each hand with an overhand grip
  • keep them at distance ahead of your thighs
  • Position your feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent
  • Without changing the bend in your knees bend at your hips so your torso is almost parallel to the bottom
  • Pause before shooting your hips forward all the while squeezing your glutes to travel back to the starting position
  • 3 sets 10 reps

 3.Dumbbell Press

Dumbbells Only Home Workout (Full-Body)

  • position your feet together with your   heels together
  • From there lift the dumbbells to your shoulders with your palms facing forward
  • Press the dumbbells above your head explosively
  • This could make your arms completely extended
  • Lastly, lower the weights in check then
  • Repeat when lifting try to not recline
  • 3 sets 10 reps

4.Lateral Raises

Dumbbells Only Home Workout (Full-Body)

  • Stand firmly with a few dumbbells on your side and your palms facing your body
  • Have your core switched on and shoulder blades pulled back and down when standing
  • Then keep your back straight and upper body still
  • Next lift the dumbbells bent your side with a small elbow bend keeping the weights above your forearms
  • Finally, lift until your arms are parallel to the bottom before slowly lowering to the starting position
  • 2 sets 8 reps

5.Hammer curl

  • Stand and hold a pair of dumbbells at distance by your sides
  • Your palms need to face one another too
  • Keep your elbows tucked your upper arms locked in situ and your palms facing inward
  • From there curl the dumbbells as on the brink of your shoulders as you’ll
  • pause then slowly lower the load s back to the starting position
  • 2 sets 8 reps

6.Zottman curl

two sets eight reps

  • Together with your  together with your palms facing hold a pair of dumbbells by your sides
  • Curl the weights up to your shoulders while your arms are still and your hands facing up as you lift
  • Pause then slowly rotate your grip so your palms face downwards
  • Lower the dumbbell slowly back to the starting position using an overhand grip

count for 3 to 5 beats when lowering the weight to make sure you are not moving too quickly

So you think that you’ll do them tell us your thoughts below?

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