6 Minutes Home Workout For A Beginners

6 Minutes Home Workout For A Beginners

What’s going on everyone this is Hussain with terrianfitness.com and in today’s blog I’m going to take you through a simple 6-minute Home Workout For a beginner and you don’t need any kind of equipment it’s bodyweight only.

All right so like I said in today’s BLOG I’m gonna take you through a six-minute beginner.

 6 Minutes Home Workout For Beginners

Hit workout where you’re gonna be following along with me it’s gonna be six different exercises and each exercise is going to be modifiable to make it just a little bit more difficult if it is too
easy and I’ll.

 6 Minutes Home Workout For BeginnersTell you those modifications in a second but each exercise is going to be performed for 40 seconds on and then it’s going to be followed by a 20-second rest if you’re halfway through.

The workout and that’s a little too difficult what you can do is drop that down to 30 seconds on and a 30-second rest
so one to one ratio also.

I’m just saying if you like these types of workouts you should check out the move but like I said today’s workout is going to be six minutes it’s gonna be six different exercises.

1.Bodyweight squat

 6 Minutes Home Workout For Beginners

  • Obviously just looks like this squatting down throwing your butt back your knees can go over your toes.
  • No matter what anybody says you want to also drive your knees.
  • Outward so that you’re engaging your glutes to keep your core upright as much as possible now if that’s too easy.

what we’re going to do the modifiable version is going to be bodyweight?

Squat Jump

  • So jump squats so you’re going to squat down and then at the bottom you’re going.
  • To explode up and jump explode up to jump and you’re going to go back and forth just like that still trying to keep your weight back on your 
  • Heels and that’s going to be the first exercise.

 2.knees push-up

 6 Minutes Home Workout For Beginners

Obviously, you probably know what a push-up

  • But it’s actually going to be a knee push up because this is the beginner version.
  • So you’re going to be on your knees right their hands are right below your shoulders dropping down elbows are down at a 45-degree.
  • Angle not flared out pressing back up if that’s too easy get on your toes.
  • And just do push-ups just like that keep your shoulders rolled back to try to engage your chest as much as possible.

3.Glute bridges

  • Glute bridge position hands down by your side and you’re going to bridge up squeezing your glutes
  • That’s going to be the beginner version if you want to make this a little harder what we’re going to do is add a crunch in between each glute bridge.

 Bridge up crunch

4.High knees

  • So that’s going to be right here just driving that knee up as high as you can back and forth.
  • If you want to do the advanced version it’s going to be high knees so it’s going to be like this driving those knees up as high as you can still.

5.mountain climbers

  • Are there’s not really an easier version for these you’re just going to be I guess you could go slower or faster so this would be.
  • The beginner version kind of like the knee raises except you’re down on the ground you wanna do.

The advanced version

you’re just jumping back and forth driving that knee up as much as possible squeezing down on the Mavs and then

The Final exercise is going to be a 6.plank

So here we’re gonna be going into a plank position 

  • Holding that right there keeping your back nice and straight your core engaged
  • I like to engage my glutes as well and just holding that if you want to make this a little more difficult you
    can go up into your onto your palms.
  • And you can do plank jacks or you’re just jumping out and back in with your feet

busy people out there but that’s all for today’s BLOG  guys if you enjoyed this workout if you like 6 Minutes Home Workout For A Beginners  these types of BLOG make sure that you’re smashing that thumbs up button below

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Thanks for everything guys I hope you enjoyed this workout and I’ll see you in the next one…

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